Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Whimsical Woodland Table

I love dishes and I love the outdoors so it makes sense that this whimsical woodland table was my favorite at the Southeastern Flower Show last week. I don't think that I would use wooden tree slabs as plates, but I do think I would use them as chargers and I really would love to sit outdoors under a shade tree and have tea in this setting.

 I know I would use these cushioned tree stumps for chairs. This is adorable.

I just loved everything about this table. The flowered tablecloth, the burlap cover, the candelabra, the tea service -- everything. I even liked the wooden spoons and forks.

My favorite thing was the pedestal server. I think it would be so easy to make. It would be the perfect cake stand. I love it.

You must admit, it is cute!

I also loved the centerpiece of lettuce, strawberries and moss -- very imaginative and oh so simple. There were quite a few arrangements that used strawberries and lettuce at the show. Both are beautiful and easy to come by this time of year.

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  1. How beautiful! Such creative use of 'nature's decorations,' I love it. I didn't get to the Flower Show this year but thanks to your review and Angela's review, I feel like I did go!
    Thanks for the review, Joanie