Thursday, March 10, 2011

Raising plants from seeds

I am happy to report that it is time to start raising my plants from seeds. It is something I did last year with flawed success and this year, I am hoping to correct my mistakes and raise some great plants from seed.

The main advantage to planting seeds in starter pots is that you can save money. You can also share plants with your friends from your extra plants, and (for those of us who are trying to grow organic vegetables) you can be sure that no non-organic fertilizer was used on your plants.

Last year, I didn't follow directions and put my seeds on top of each little peat disc and then added water. The seeds floated and I really had no idea what was coming up until each plant developed leaves and then I didn't know what variety of peppers and tomatoes I was growing. I had to wait until the plant grew fruit before I knew what I had. In the case of hot and mild peppers, that could be a really bad thing. It worked in the end but I didn't know what I was planting where. What a mess.

This year I am planting some unusual varieties of tomatoes like Kellogg breakfast and Yellow Zebra. I think I also have a Pineapple variety.

Thankfully, my friend Angela gave me some smaller trays for my birthday and this will be perfect for the plants I want to keep separate. In fact, I think smaller trays are probably the answer to my "mixed up plant" dilemma.

Anyway, here is your reminder. Start your seed plantings. Spring planting is just around the corner.


  1. Good luck with your plantings!
    May you have a wonderful garden this year,

  2. Thanks for your garden wishes. Getting started is always exciting!