Monday, March 28, 2011

Last week's photos of our garden

Last week's garden photos shows that our garden is doing pretty well, but the weather was pretty dry when I took these photos. The warm weather caused all the seeds to sprout and things are growing quite well, but I believe the rain will make our cooler weather crops shoot up overnight.

It is hard to see, but our onions are up front, then some lettuce, red onions, cabbage and Brussels sprouts on the end. To the left, garlic and greens.

A view from the other side.

A head of lettuce, beginning to form.

This is a row of mixed lettuce. The rain will really help the lettuce.

A close-up of mixed greens.

A row of English peas. We now have fences up for the runners. They are really growing and they grow well in the cooler weather that this week brought.

A closer view of the peas.

We were told that it was too early for potatoes, but these seem to be doing really well.

I am very excited about our spinach. It doesn't look like much here but we haven't had much luck with spinach the past couple of years and this is a welcome sight to me.

I am thankful that we didn't get the hail that some areas of our county received. We did fertilize this week and we're working on seeds, buying plants and ideas for our summer garden.

Photos of this week's progress will be taken this week so we should really be able to see the difference a week -- and a good rain make.

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  1. Your garden looks great! Thank you for sharing your photos & tips, it's very inspiring.
    Have a great day, Joanie