Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A beautiful special publication

A couple of days ago, my friend Angela showed this copy of Organic Farm & Garden, she found at the bookstore, and asked how I liked it. Without reservation, I told her I absolutely loved it. She then said, "Good, because I bought it for you." I was thrilled of course, because this is not only a lovely, beautifully-designed publication, but is filled with great information about gardening organically.

One of the most interesting tidbits of information I have read so far is that before World War II, everyone farmed organically. It was later that chemical fertilizers and soil supplements were invented. It made me think that scientific advancements are wonderful, but you do have proceed carefully. Just because it is new doesn't mean it is environmentally good, but I am digressing.

There is so much good information in this publication, plus 7 mouthwatering recipes I need to check out. I liked the soil information and the recommendations for fertilizers. I am still reading about composting and I hope the information on pests is good. I really need help there.

I quickly decided I would love a subscription to this publication because it was so informative but unfortunately, it is only a special publication from Hobby Farm Magazine. They also have a number of other publications that are interesting but they don't focus on organic gardening or farming. I am going to try the Urban Farming Magazine and I am interested in Hobby Farm but I hope Organic Farm & Garden catches on because I would love to have a subscription to a magazine like this one. 


  1. Looks like a great magazine, Deberah. I have been hearing so much about organic gardening this week & it's been very interesting. It makes so much sense, doesn't it?

    There's also been a lot of discussion this week about dyes in food, so many studies are underway. 'Natural ways' so often are the best ways! Thanks for your post & have a great day, Joanie