Thursday, March 3, 2011

Best ideas from the Flower Show

I hope you are not tired of hearing about the Flower Show but there were some great ideas in their displays I must share. The first idea: Throughout the show, whether it was in potted arrangements, in landscapes or just wherever, vegetable plants and herbs were used throughout. Above red choy is used in a border of flowers. Later, you can harvest and eat the vegetable plants and herbs so they are very useful. They will last as long as many of the flowers you can use and then plant another vegetable plant when they are harvested or when they are spent.

 I loved this door with herbs and lettuce overhead, a topiary dog made with herbs, and pots of strawberries and other plants. The fruit tree in the container looks beautiful with flowers planted around its base.

The old guitar was my favorite. One of the reasons for it in the display was to express the theme of the show, but isn't that a great idea for an old useless guitar? It is filled with strawberry plants.

Ivy in a pot, forced into a shape. This is a clever idea I must use. I have seen it before and I really need to do it for myself. I can foresee all kinds of shapes growing in pots from cuttings from my ivy beds.

The use of moss -- very nice. This was an entire moss arrangement but it was used as filler, to cover the dirt in pots and it gives a nice finishing touch to all kinds of plantings, not just terrariums.

Another great idea. Surround an outdoor seating arrangement with a "tent" of netting for an elegant and private dinner.

This was one of my favorite ideas. Raised beds. Perfect for anyone who can't get down to the ground level. This would be perfect for an elderly, sick or disabled person. I really loved the bird house and bird feeder on each side. Attract birds and maybe they will also do away with some insects while they are feeding.

I think raised beds would have to be watered very regularly. In the photo above you can see the hose is in a very accessible place. There are plants on the ground around the raised beds -- a great space saver.

This bed would easily accomodate a chair or even a wheelchair. This bed could be placed next to a walkway or patio. The rope attached to the left hand side is attached to something very interesting ...

... a hanging basket on a pulley. Just untie the rope and lower it to water and care for the basket. What a great idea. This would work for anyone! I hate having to climb on ladders to reach hanging baskets.

When we saw this wedding display we were awed. It was so lovely with gauzy white ribbons hanging from above with crystal tips and sparkling butterflies. Everyone stopped in their tracks when they saw it. This would be the perfect spot to cut the cake at an outdoor wedding. It was pretty impressive indoors.

A view from underneath.

A great use for vases. I have a big vase like this and I just can't haven't found a way to use it -- until now. Cutting from orchids and other flowers are just beautiful. I didn't expect these flowers to be underwater and I don't think I would have expected them to look so pretty but they do. I will use this idea. This was sitting on the corner stand on the beautiful wedding cake display above.

I loved this one, too. I don't love the ribbon but I love the white flowers underwater in the cylinder and then the flowers underwater in the round vase and the use of both vases together with the calla lilies. Take off the ribbon and I would stop to see this arrangement any day.

I promise this is the end of my Flower Show blogging for this year. Honest.

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  1. I love this post, Deberah! I am not at all tired of your reports - I have been to the Flower Show before and didn't go this year - your coverage is wonderful! ! !

    I am getting so many ideas, I love the raised beds too. And the guitar - what a great idea. Isn't it neat to see something 're-purposed' in a totally new & unexpected way? Too neat!

    And how about that Wedding display? That looks so gorgeous, I would have enjoyed seeing that in person. Also neat: the 'vase in a vase!'
    And the submerged plants, so pretty. I would never have thought of that.

    I love all these creative ideas and thank you for sharing them. I am feeling inspired!
    Thanks so much, you made my day! Joanie