Monday, March 14, 2011

Garden fencing and more plants

This weekend we updated the wire on our fence and for one of our garden crew, this caused quite a shock. The wires on our fence weren't working a couple of weeks ago and even though my husband worked on it, the shock value was not what it had been in the past. A wire fence seems to weather and probably needs replacing periodically.

My sister decided to purchase some heavy-duty wire to see if this was the problem. After she and my husband finished stringing the new wire, they decided to test it. When the testing indicator didn't seem to be working, my sis decided to touch it herself and found that the new fence packed quite a wallop. I am sure the deer and other critters won't come into our garden because it is now stronger than ever. My sister has also decided NOT to act as a human guinea pig for the garden fence anymore.

We do have few nice piles of mulch sitting outside our fence, thanks to our local REA. We will be using it this year to help with grass and weed control.

We also did a bit of hoeing and fertilizing this weekend and our lettuce, onions, cabbage and Brussels sprouts are looking great.

Our mixed greens look good though they are a little spotty.

Our early peas (the two rows on the left) will need to be staked next week and the potatoes (right) are looking good. These potatoes were seed potatoes saved from last year. I am hoping for rain today to give our garden an extra boost.

When you step back it doesn't look like there is much there, but we are making good progress and I am thinking we will get an early start on our main crops this year. I am thinking that by the end of March, it will be time to plant. By that time our cooler crops should be providing us with the greens, lettuce and onions we need to see us through until the warm weather crops are ready.

We did plant some French shallots, mixed lettuces, arugula and beets this weekend so it is time to watch the garden grow.


  1. I am "shocked" to hear your sister was zapped but glad to hear she is OK! I always enjoy reading about your ongoing gardening success!

  2. Looks like your garden is getting off to a good start - you do a such a good job.
    Here's to a great season of gardening, Joanie