Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Menu planning

Today I have a download for you ... but I will get to that later, because this is not only a blog post about boring chores, but also procrastination.

There are any number of things I put off. I don't want to put them off, but I just do it over and over. One of those things is planning a weekly menu. Years ago I did menu planning and I think it saved me money and time, but I just haven't spent the time in years to develop a menu and shopping list based on my menus. I also don't always have the ingredients for a great new recipe I just found and that drives me crazy.

I do try to keep a well-stocked pantry, but in spite of good intentions, we do tend to have the same things over and over and I have two problems with that. One, it is boring and two, it is healthier to vary the things you eat.

Today, I decided to make myself sit down and do the planning and instead of racking my brain to come up with new recipes I have decided to take recipes out of a cookbook I like, make sure I have the ingredients on hand to cook each recipe and if we like it, I will put it on my menu for another week. If not, we will never use that recipe again.

The cookbook I am starting this plan with is Quick-Fix Vegetarian by Robin Robertson. Obviously I am trying to have a more vegetable-based diet, though I am not trying to eat all vegetables. This book really helps because we can plan vegetable meals and then add meat for those of us who must have it. I will choose the recipes I like, mark them on my menu (with a page number included) then add the things I need to my shopping list from the recipe.

I think that sounds like a good plan so, hopefully, I will not procrastinate any longer on this task. I will be trying out all the interesting recipes I can possibly try -- and I love new recipes -- and will finally have a menu.

So back to the download. I want to share the PDF I made to help me plan my menus. I am planning to start a notebook using these pages that include weekly menu plans and shopping lists and I thought I would share the page I created because it might be a useful tool for you, too. Just click on the link below. I am hoping my procrastination about this issue coming to an end and let me know (if you download the page) if you enjoy it.

Download your menu planner here.


  1. Great idea, Deberah! Your post today is an inspiration - I am going to try this.

    You are so right - planning can help prepare more balanced meals, which is healthier and you'll probably save money too. You made my day today, thanks! Joanie

  2. The meal planner is a fabulous idea, and it is impossible to find one that does all of the things that you provided. Awesome!!