Monday, March 21, 2011

I really am a bag lady

I am officially "the bag lady" and I will admit, I love it.

You know you are a bag lady when people give you bags for presents on birthdays and holidays. My friend Joanie gave me the green bag above, appropriately on St. Patrick's Day but it really brightened my day because I was not having the best day at work. A project I am working on has dragged on and on and I'm STILL not finished, but I am encouraged by people, like Joanie, who do such nice things for me -- and she didn't even know I was having a bad day. I love the flowers and I love that it is green with butterflies.

I received the quilted bag from a very nice reader from the midwest. It is what I carry salads and cold dishes in when I need to transport it to an event or dinner. I love these quilted, zip-up bags.

The two bags on the right I received for my birthday. Gifts were inside but the Tractor Supply and TJ Maxx bags are perfect sizes for large items. I will stow them in my car for shopping trips. I just love it so much when my gift bags are "gifts."

Just had to share this. You must admit I am a bag lady.

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  1. Love your bags, Deberah - I am a 'bag lady,' too! I enjoy seeing all the different designs.
    Hope you're having a great week - your blog site always makes my day better. Take care,