Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why I like to buy vegan cookbooks

I just received this great new cookbook in the mail. I have looked at it a number of times on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble and finally found it on Amazon at a price I liked. It is a book written by a couple of vegan chefs and I do think I will really like it. 

I love the fact that they add creamy dressings to soups -- what a novel idea to add flavor without adding fattening ingredients. The dressings or "creams" are made from low-fat tofu. I think it will make a great addition to a veggie soup.

There is also a great mock sour cream recipe I can't wait to try. The last time I purchased some "Tofutti" sour cream in the grocery store, I looked on the ingredients AFTER I brought it home and found it contained milk products. I couldn't believe that! I bought the tofutti because I thought it didn't have any milk. I just hate to buy foods with hidden ingredients. I can't wait to try the new recipe.

Why do I buy vegan cookbooks? I am not a vegan, though I do try to eat a mostly vegetable diet. It is mostly because many of my loved ones have food allergies and the vegan cookbooks give me really great suggestions without adding meat, cheese, milk or eggs. 

Plus, they often use uncommon ingredients -- especially flours. I noticed this book uses some recipes made with garbanzo bean flour and other less common flours. This can be a good thing to replace common allergy foods like wheat.

Cookbooks labeled vegetarian are usually loaded up with recipes with cheese, eggs and milk. Vegan cookbooks never include those recipes. They don't use any animal products at all. They do include some interesting ways to give us the ingredients we love with the healthy benefit of recipes that contain less fat.

I know I will continue buying vegan cookbooks and I think they will help me lead a healthier lifestyle, especially if I eat mostly vegetables.

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  1. Deberah, this looks like a terrific cook book!
    I am trying to eat a more healthy diet and add in vegetables whenever I can.

    When I lived in Miami, there were quite a few delicious vegetarian restaurants that turned vegetable dishes 'into an art form!'
    A few that I remember were 'Granny Feels Good,' (A vegetarian lunch room, in Downtown Miami, always packed!) and 'Here Comes the Sun,' in the Miami Lakes area.

    Both restaurants did such a wonderful job and oh, how delicious the soups were! Not sure if the restaurants are still there or not but it seems that Vegetarianism was pretty popular in Miami, back then.

    Wish we had some Vegetarian selections in Newnan! Thanks for the cook book tip and have a great day, Joanie