Monday, April 11, 2011

Big Garden Weekend

It doesn't look like much does it? This is the result of much of our work this weekend. Most of the work we did were crops that we planted in rows. Across the back -- corn and the variety is Silver Queen. We also planted some crookneck and zucchini squash. We decided to try corn in our upper garden this year and even though we want most of our squash in our new and improved (I hope) lower garden, it was too wet to plant there on Saturday. Bummer!

Kentucky wonder pole beans will grow on the right of a row of lettuce we planted. We grew them in a row because they needed to be staked. We left space for tomatoes on the right. In the center -- white potatoes. We already have a row of reds we planted in February. Hopefully we can keep the potatoes coming until later in the summer.

The little patch of green are the half row of shallots and the beets we recently planted. They are hard to see but to the left we will grow cucumbers. We planted some now and will save some for later.

This is the view of the garden I have been showing you for a while, now. We did pick several of the big heads of lettuce for weekend salads.

The cabbage looks good.

More lettuce is heading and will be ready when we are.

The English peas, sugar peas and Alaskan sugar snaps are looking good. I am thinking peas for Easter. To the right we have carrots. We need to thin and baby the carrots but I think it is appropriate to plant the peas and carrots together.

The peas has a lovely bloom.

The shallots are looking great and I hope this will be the start of something. We love to cook with shallots and they are very expensive. I think they will multiply and we can keep growing them until we have enough to use in our cooking.

Our best looking spinach ever.

The leeks are in front of the garlic. They sure need manure and mulch.

We have some lettuce we were trying to grow in a wide row. Instead we have a zigzag row of mixed greens. I hope we have lettuce for a while.

We also have arugula in with the lettuce. I guess you can see we really need to much everything well. We would have already done it but we didn't need to hold the water in as much because it is a wetter season. Weeds are only beginning so  now will be the time to concentrate on mulching.

That's the tour. I will admit we worked hard and are a bit tired today but I think it will be worth it. We have quite a few things to plant. The plan is to replace the cool season plants with warm season plants after they are harvested. A great beginning.


  1. Fabulous!!! One question, how are you keeping the rabbits out of your delicious crops? My cats help a lot, did not know if you had any helpers like a big ol' tom cat.
    Charlotte from newnan

  2. Wow, your garden looks great! It's so early in the season, I am impressed! All the best to you & yours and a big thank you for sharing your garden with us, Joanie

  3. I don't think we really keep the rabbits out. We occasionally see that something has nipped off a few plants, but I do think our electric fence helps with most of the critters. I am pretty sure we share a little with rabbits and maybe even a few smaller mammals and feathered friends. It's the larger things like deer and geese that give us fits. Also insects like beetles and worms. Organic gardening is a bit harder because you have to know you will get some damage from pests.