Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Planting to attract butterflies

I love to receive newsletters from Walter Reeves because his website, walterreeves.com always has something that is useful and interesting to me. The most recent topic was planting to attract butterflies to your garden. I just want to know who wouldn't love more butterflies in their garden? Everyone loves butterflies. If you plan to plant anything new this spring, now is the time and these suggestions could be really useful.

His newsletters always include links to downloadable PDFs that can be a big help to achieve your gardening objective. The last one was no exception. He has his own list of plants for attracting butterflies and also includes lists from the University of Georgia, Clemson, University of Kentucky and LSU. There are tons of resources on his website.

My only challenge is that I have more shade than sun in my yard and I don't think some of the suggested plants will be an option in most areas of my lawn but I would love to give some of these suggestions a try. I also need to find his list for what to plant in the shade. I am thinking ferns but I don't think I will count on them attracting too many butterflies.

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  1. Great information in this post, Deberah!
    I will have to check his site out, thanks for sharing, Joanie