Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quick garden update

Last week our garden really grew. Here are a few garden views to keep you updated on our progress. We are itching to get some summer vegetables in, like squash and cucumbers, but we are a little worried about frost. I do think, when it is dry enough on a day we can till, we will be able to get some summer crops into the ground.

The greens are looking good. They may be a little too thick but growing.

I think after the rain of last night that our lettuce will take off.

I am amazed that our potatoes have done so well this early. We will plant some later, but I didn't expect them to grow this well.

We are very proud that we have some spinach. It doesn't look like much yet, but we have not had any that looked this good in the last several years, so we are very happy.

The red cabbage is much bigger than the green. I am surprised by this. I don't know why.

And we have broccoli! I don't know how much or how good it will be. The heads don't look very tight, but we are happy it has come this far.

Looks like we need to weed. If this was our summer garden we would be mulching to avoid weeds, but I don't know about mulching so early, just to plow it under in a few weeks.

That's it. The rain will make a big difference.


  1. WOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so impressed with your lovely garden.
    great eating is surely in your future.
    charlotte from newnan

  2. Can't believe you have so much up already! And it's pretty, too!

  3. Great garden progress - Congratulations to you & yours! Your garden posts are such an inspiration, I share them with my husband.
    We hope to try some gardening, one of these days! Thank you for sharing, Joanie