Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This past weekend we havested some radishes. They weren't very large -- just the perfect size to enjoy in a salad or if you have a taste for them, as a snack. I know they come in all sizes and colors but we always plant a few of the red ones and enjoy them for their "crunch factor" in salads. The ones above are a bit washed out by the bright sunlight, but they are bright red.

They can be rather spicy, if not harvested when small, and they can be downright hot. I have eaten radishes that are sweet, if they are very fresh and very small. I have read they can be healthy for you and could possibly even lower cholesterol and benefit someone with high blood pressure. I just don't see how someone could eat enough radishes to get many health benefits. To me, they are a vegetable that says, "Spring is here," and should therefore be appreciated for the red and bright white coloring and crunchiness. The flavor -- well, it's not my favorite.

I always think of Scarlett O'Hara when I am pulling up radishes. In Gone With the Wind it was a radish she ate -- and obviously didn't appreciate in the scene from the movie where she lifts the lowly radish up to the sky and vows,  "As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again"

Since that is one of my favorite scenes, I always plant Scarlett Globe radishes. Thankfully, I never worry about going hungry. I just think of the delicious salad I will make.

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  1. Great post today - those radishes look so fresh!
    As you said, they are a reminder of that scene in 'Gone With the Wind,' (one of my favorite movies too!) I'm enjoying hearing about your garden, Joanie