Friday, June 10, 2011

The East Washington Street Garden

Every day when I go to work, I drive down East Washington Street. Very recently, I noticed that alongside the road there is a small corn, watermelon and pepper garden. It is just off the pavement and along the side of the road beside an embankment. It is very simple -- just a row of corn with some melons and peppers planted here and there.

What I noticed the last couple of days, besides the fact that the corn looks very healthy in this hot weather, is a "Corn" Santa is guarding the little garden. It looks like an old Santa, or at least an elf standing guard over the corn, protecting it from critters, I suppose.

He might be a Santa that has fulfilled his purpose in December and is looking out for children the rest of the year by saying "Eat your vegetables, please." He hasn't chosen a very hard task because corn and melons are pretty popular with the young (and young at heart).

The watermelon vines certainly do look good. I think a good harvest is very likely.

I am just amazed by someone who isn't limited by space. No room for a traditional garden? You, too could make it happen in a little strip of sunlight along a busy road. That is ingenuity, determination and ...

should be an inspiration for anyone who doesn't have the space, or the time ... but does have imagination.


  1. I am just so impressed that you spotted this! I had to drive by after you told me about it and wow, there it was!

  2. This is such a sweet post. I can't wait to drive by next time I'm in town!