Monday, June 13, 2011

Why life should be like T-Ball

I had the opportunity of going to a number of my little grandsons T-ball games this year. While I was sitting in the stands, cheering him on, I thought how nice it would be -- just occasionally, if life was a little more like T-ball.

Here are the reasons why.

1) You always get to play. No one gets out and you run the bases every time.

2) No one loses in T-ball. No one is there to keep score. It really does only matter that you play the game and not if you win.

3) If you get nervous about batting or fielding, a parent or adult will stand beside you all the way to tell you how to hit the ball or when to pick the ball up and throw it to first base.

4) If you get distracted by an airplane or want to throw your glove up in the air and catch it, no one yells at you. In fact they just think you are cute.

5) If you fall down, you don't get anything worse than a carpet burn because the field is carpeted and padded.

6) If you do get a boo-boo, either your mom or the coach will kiss it and make it feel better. Even if it is between home and first base.

7) Everyone, on both sides is cheering you on. People don't yell at you just because you aren't on their team. You regularly hear those encouraging words, "Good job."

8) Every player gets to keep their uniforms and wear them wherever they go until they outgrow them.

9) At the end of each game, you get a snack.

10) Everyone gets a trophy.


  1. What wonderful reflections! Maybe you should be a newspaper columnist!

  2. I love this story and the photos are beautiful! Very well said and thank you for sharing, Joanie