Sunday, June 26, 2011

A recommendation: A gluten-free brownie mix

Bob's Red Mill products are generally very good, especailly for health- and diet-conscious people. They make a number of whole grain products that are available at most local grocery stores.

One Bob's Red Mill product I would like to recommend is the Gluten-free Brownie Mix. It has a rich chocolate and moist cake texture and the ingredients include Ghirardelli cocoa which definitely makes it a good choice for chocoholics. The quick and easy recipe calls for butter or margarine but we use oil which I think makes the recipe even better. It also calls for an egg but I am sure even this ingredient could be substituted if eggs are a problem.

For a gluten-free product, this is the best we have found and we use it often.

Tomorrow I will tell you how we used it to make a decadent, unbelievably good gluten-free dessert.

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