Friday, July 1, 2011


If you ask me what I have been doing lately, the answer will be making pickles. I am fighting to stay ahead of the cucumbers. Don't get me wrong. We love cucumber pickles and I would hate NOT to have them during the year but it is a bit hard at this time to keep up with all the beautiful cucumbers.

Here is my recipe for sour pickles. So far I have made the majority of the cucumbers we have grown into sour pickles. There are our family's favorite pickle variety.

I wash the jars and fill them the best I can with cucumbers. Then mix up the simple brine and let them sit for a few days before they are ready to eat. If I want to save them for later, I can the pickles.

I like the smaller pickles and also slices. My husband likes big, honking pickles.

I have tried purchasing pickle "mixes" and though they don't taste bad, the pickles seem to get soft after a few months. My family only likes them if they stay crunchy. I really don't like sweet pickles, though most people do, especially in Georgia where barbecue is still a widespread favorite. Most barbecue "joints" in our area still serve sweet pickles with a barbecue plate.

At least we don't buy pickles anymore. For that I am grateful. I can't say it saves money but we do enjoy homemade ones better.

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