Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some positive things from the garden

I suppose our garden is doing pretty well for this time of year, in spite of how hot and dry it has been. We've had some better days lately but the dry, hot weather has taken its toll on our garden.

We did plant some cantaloupes and watermelons several weeks ago and they look great, especially the watermelons. Of course I thought I had a photo of the watermelons but perhaps I erased it. The watermelons don't have blooms yet, but the cantaloupes do. I am so excited, because up until this point, we haven't done very well with melons. We don't have any yet, but are hopefully on our way to a good crop.

The pepper plants are beginning to produce and look very good. If you will look closely, you can see the two peppers on this plant. The hot peppers look better after Monday night's rain.

We found something behind these cucumber blooms that is very unusual.

There was a bit of wire left rolled up at the end of our cucumber vines and, of course an cucumber grew inside. Cucumbers have a tendency to hide from me, either under the leaves on the ground or any crevice they can find.

These are the good things. Later I will write about the disappointments -- and I am not just talking about the weather.

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