Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lemonade serving tips

The other day, at my get-together I made cranberry lemonade (1 frozen can of lemonade, 4 cans of water, 1 64-ounce bottle of cranberry juice -- for less of a cranberry taste use half the bottle of cranberry juice). Northland cranberry juice has a richer flavor than most and I prefer the juice-only variety.

This is the simplest punch I have ever made and people always love it. What I loved even more than the simplicity of the recipe is the serving method.

I love to serve lemonade in large lidded jars. The lids protect from summer "critters" when serving outside. I just dumped a whole bag of ice in the large jar and mixed the lemonade in the smaller jar and it was easy -- everyone serves themselves. Surprisingly, the ice lasts for a long time and I use either tongs or a big, long-handled spoon for the ice and a dipper for the lemonade. I could have poured the ice in the lemonade, but I really don't like to water it down.

The jars were purchased at WalMart for around $12 for both. It really is functional, not too dressy and quite nice for an informal gathering.


  1. Love your recipe, sounds delicious! May have to try it out, it's been so hot lately.
    I've been 'thinking cool thoughts' (and finding cool air conditioning! ! ! )
    Take care, Joanie

  2. Love this idea!! So cute. I must get me some of those canisters and use your cranberry lemonade recipe! Rhonda Spooner