Monday, August 1, 2011

Garden Update

Our garden story for July is hot, dry weather, little rain, okra and peppers. We have some beautiful bells growing. I can see stuffed peppers in my future meal plans. Actually, we  had them last week. They are really beautiful and peppers will grow until almost frost. They are always a little late for us but do well in hot weather.

We are getting a few butter peas. We cleaned out the grass growing around them yesterday and I am hoping that will help them grow even better. They are beautiful on top of a dark green butter pea leaf.

Cucumbers look quite sad.

The green beans are looking ragged, too, but still growing.

Our hot peppers are growing at a faster pace now that the weather is really hot.

The tomatoes have really suffered. This is just before we cleaned them out and cut the dead leaves off. I hope they will improve a bit but I don't hold out much luck for them if the weather doesn't improve.

We have some watermelons that have been growing. I don't know if they will mature before frost. I like the way they look while they grow.

Okra. I love it. It is really producing now and the blooms are so pretty.

Two days ago we had some nice squash blooms but they really aren't growing well in this hot weather.

More peppers. These are sweet bananas.

Another view. This makes us long for cooler winter crops because the summer crops are not doing so well. I wish we could control the weather but we can't. That's the update. We are wishing for cooler days.


  1. Your garden is looking great! It's hard to believe that those plants are strong enough to withstand all this heat. Your photos are beautiful, especially of the flowers.
    Thanks for sharing, Joanie

  2. Your garden looks stunning! I guess the drought had a word to say in the development of your cucumber and beans!

  3. I see you got some problems with your tomatoes and other fruit bearing veggies. Your tomatoes will grow well with the hot sun, just give it time to recover but protect them during very hot days. Better yet, inspect them and see if they are suffering from a disease. Good luck.