Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hodgson's Mill Bread: Part 2

Yesterday, I wrote that we (actually my daughter) made a successful loaf of bread using Hodgson's Mill's Gluten Free Bread mix. I asked her to send her photos and here they are. A day late but you can see the bread looks very good. It is a tight loaf with few "holes." It is hard to tell from the photo but it is not crumbly at all and is moist -- like wheat bread.

Here is a photo after the first slice. The loaf is casting a shadow, but you get the idea.

Another angle. The bread slices are big, very much like the large loaves we often buy in the grocery store that fits snugly into a sandwich bag. This was the second loaf.

And this was the first try. Great bread --wrong pan. It was almost scary how it rose. In all my years of making wheat bread, I never had one rise this high. No problem with this yeast batter. It was tasty but very large. She had to go out and buy new pans for the next loaves.


  1. Hello Sorry about the Whole Grain claim on the web we should have caught that. We have fixed. if you would send me a email and we will send you a couple of the bread mixes. Perry perry@hodgsonmill.com

  2. Hello Deberah, the bread looks delicious! The photos look really nice too. Makes me want to bake some right now! Thanks for sharing,