Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Geraniums: Thriving in the heat

My mother always loved geraniums and this year, in particular, I understand why. Her red geraniums are always beautiful in the hot summer months. When most patio flowers have withered and died from heat exposure, her geraniums put on a grand show. They look great until frost.

The foliage is a rich green and some varieties have variegated leaves. This one has solid green leaves that are round and kind of ruffled. They also come in other colors but I think I like the red best of all. I think the red varieties do better in the heat but I don't have experience with other colors. I just see the red ones more often. The flower clusters shoot out above the green leaves and they just keep on blooming.

These geraniums are sitting below a hummingbird feeder and my mother loves to sit out and watch the hummingbirds buzz around the geraniums and other flowers. Her coleus are blooming too, but they just don't put on the show the geraniums do when nature turns up the heat.

I have never had geraniums but after seeing my mom's beautiful display, I am thinking they would be perfect for my patio, too.

1 comment:

  1. Such pretty photos and I love geraniums too.
    They have such a burst of color and they seem to thrive on the hottest of days.

    The old square in McDonough used to have a celebration where they featured geraniums -
    all around the square and they sold yard flags with geraniums on them. To me, geraniums just seem to say Summer!
    Thanks for sharing, Joanie