Thursday, August 25, 2011

My new cake stand

This is my favorite cake stand. I love it for its simplicity but I really love the large dome that fits over large decorated cakes. I have never had a cake stand quite like it and it is my all-time favorite.

This is my new cake stand I found at a second hand store. Which do you like better?

If you think they look eerily similar, you are correct. I have been looking for a matching cake stand for ages and I finally found one at a local second-hand shop. I was so excited to find it because I have this fear that I will break my old one and never find one to replace it. I would have preferred to have found one at a yard sale because it would have been even cheaper, but no luck -- maybe one day.

The original, a Martha Stewart design, I bought at K-Mart before it went bankrupt. I went to several K-Marts to look for them before the stores closed (I know K-Marts that are open, and though I have searched stores in surrounding area, I have never found a cake stand like this one.) I have looked on eBay but nothing there either.

When I found this at a store across the street I didn't think twice about making the purchase though it was more than I would have paid for a normal cake stand at a second-hand shop (almost half the price of the original). I suspect that it has never been used owing to the fact that there is not a ding or blemish of any kind.

Now I don't have to worry so much about breaking the one I already have. I also will enjoy having it for holidays and parties. I just love symmetry and having the same cake stand at opposite sides of a dessert buffet table appeals to me.

My husband thinks I am a little crazy. "Why in the world do you need two?" He really can't argue with the price and he really loves cake so I think it will be OK.

Don't you just love second-hand shops?

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  1. Love your cake stands, Deberah! I also love your reasoning - makes sense to me. You'll be able to do so much with them. I love second hand shops too, you never know what treasures are in store. Thanks for sharing your great finds, Joanie