Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Using a gluten-free mix

We tried this gluten-free cake mix the other day and found it was quite good. It is very hard to make good breads, cookies and cakes that don't use wheat as the main ingredient, but this cake mix makes it easier to eat gluten-free cake. Compared to most gluten-free recipes it was very good. It is not a vegan mix because it does use eggs. It is found on the shelf in the grocery store with the regular cake mixes.

The main ingredient is rice flour and rice flour is commonly used in commercial mixes but this product seems to use flour that is ground more finely than some of the rice flours I have purchased. They can be a little grainy -- sometimes very grainy. I do know that this mix is good and I would recommend it.

A negative is that it doesn't make two layers like more cake mixes, but the layer it makes is a decent size. I made a smaller sheet cake and it was the perfect size for my needs -- but not for a layer cake. The texture was a little more like pound cake than layer cake and I think eating it in smaller amounts would be best anyway because it was a little heavier than cake made from wheat. Good but the texture was more dense.

I think cupcakes would be great made with this mix and they would be substantial. They wouldn't make twenty-four but would certainly make more than twelve cupcake.

Another use might be to slice the cake and toast it slowly in the oven to make a kind of cake biscotti. This would be a very good way to use any leftover cake.

Cookies could also be made from this mix but I don't have a recipe at this time. I may try to make one later.

One of the negatives was that the price was quite high. This mix costs around $5. That was much higher than I would have expected. It is new and I hope the price will come down because I would use this product again.

I included the ingredient listing, if interested. Click on the image to get a larger view.

I used this cake mix for something other than a cake and I will include what I think is a clever way to make a gluten-free dessert in my next blog.

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  1. Can't wait to try this, thanks for sharing!