Thursday, August 11, 2011


Don't you just love fresh-off-the-farm eggs? These eggs were given to me by Amelia Adams, who writes the Coweta Cooks feature for Newnan-Coweta Magazine. We are working on the art issue and these beautiful natural sculptures were some of the "props" for our story and I couldn't not have been more appreciative than when she gave me a dozen assorted free-range eggs to take home after our photo shoot.

The eggs were courtesy of Donna Dougherty and Emeline Loughlin who apparently provide Adams with the eggs she uses at home. The recipe she shares is one I can't tell you about now, you'll have to wait to get your copy of the magazine on September 2, but I can tell you it is a mouthwatering treat. You will really miss it if you miss this issue, or this recipe! That was a shameless plug, but I had to do it.

Back to the subject of art. I took these photos because at some time in the future, I intend to paint these beautiful eggs. People really love brown eggs and speckled brown ones are especially prized. I think the contrast of dark, light and green eggs are particularly beautiful and would be very nice in a painting.

The chickens who laid these brown eggs are Buff Orpingtons and Black Copper Marans. The green and blue eggs are from Araucanas. It really does make me want to get a chicken coop and raise some "layers' in my back yard. I am sure my subdivision covenants would prevent it and I can't say I would like to have a rooster waking me up, but it would be nice to have these treasures provided every day.

Oh well, maybe one day. Meanwhile check out the photos in the magazine and the amazing recipe. By the way. We had these eggs for breakfast and they were rich and tasty. Much better than store-bought ones.

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  1. What beautiful eggs - these would be so pretty in a painting! Can't wait to see the next issue, we are big fans of your magazine.
    The Visitor's Guide was Great! Have a wonderful day, Joanie