Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Refreshing drinks for hot summer days

In the south we pride ourselves in our iced tea and I will admit we drink plenty of it at my house in the midst of the summer heat. Not much is better after working in the yard or garden.

My mother always used Tetley tea. She was a big fan and when I go shopping for tea I always reach for the Tetley first. These days I always buy the decaf variety. I started using it years ago and even though I am not bothered by caffeine, as some are, I use it because so many are. I can't stand the thoughts of serving something that can cause problems when the taste is the same.

We also used Liption (I also use the store-brand decaf tea if it is cheaper. I do prefer Tetley and Liption because I think the flavor is a little stronger but I am not loyal enough to a brand to pay two prices for it.)

I do love the iced tea to go. Just pour a packet into a cold bottle of water and you have a treat. I used to hate instant tea but they have come up with a winner here. I love it that it is also sugar-free. My husband will take a half-gallon packet and make it for dinner. He prefers it over ice. I can't say I prefer it to freshly brewed tea but I do love the "to go" teas. The lemonade variety is also a winner.

Snapple makes a very good product and if I am out and about I will sometimes choose one.

And also Izzies are a good choice -- i think better than a soft drink but with the sparkly punch you get with carbonation.

When I am really hungry and need something that is good for me I choose Naked smoothies. They are kind of pricey but I can stop in at a convenience store and make a better choice than a pack of crackers or candy bar. I would recommend them because they are filled with good stuff and taste good, too. It's all about the choices!

Sometimes I will get a carbonated beverage when I need a pick-me-up. I do try to stay away from them. I don't think they are good for me so I keep them at a minimum. I like Diet Coke but I probably like Diet Mountain Dew better. It just has an extra punch.

Sometimes after working in the garden we will hit the Quick Trip on our way home. My husband really loves his fountain drinks, especially when they are 59 cents. He gets a Diet Pepsi with a little squirt of cherry and I either get white tea or I "do the dew."

I do try to drink more water than anything. Even when we get fast foods, I have gotten used to drinking bottled water. It is probably not any better or more pure than tap water but it is refreshing and cold and perfect for a hot summer day.

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  1. Love your post, I felt 'cooler' just reading it! I enjoy some of the same drinks you mentioned and our family loves going to QT for their on-sale sodas, so refreshing! Hope you're having a nice summer, Joanie