Monday, October 17, 2011

GIG of Atlanta Expo News

Last Friday I received an email from my friend Bonnie with this poster attached. Who knew there was a Gluten Intolerance Group in Atlanta and that they were having an Expo this Saturday that the Northeast Atlanta Hilton? I am sure this will be a great event -- especially for those who are just learning they have a gluten intolerance or must leave wheat out of their diets. (A hard thing to learn in a wheat-obsessed country like ours!)

This would be a great place to get information and meet others dealing with the same problem. It is sponsored by some big names in the Gluten-free industry and I am sure they will have samples and hints and tips that can be very useful. Ten dollars is not such a large fee for information you can really use. You can take your kids but not your stroller. H-m-m-m.

Speakers begin at nine and I would love to be there, but I have other plans. If you go, please drop me a line @ and tell me what you learned.

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  1. Interesting! I've noticed that Tea Time magazine is now including gluten-free recipes each issue.