Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkins, pumpkins

 It's time to cut out -- or paint -- or at least decorate  our pumpkins. Tomorrow we will go to Uncle Bob's Pumpkin patch and after we pick out at least one pumpkin there, it will be time to start carving.

I do like the idea of painting faces on the pumpkin rather than cutting them. The pumpkins above from might be less messy -- I guess. Paint is messy, too but it does look good. The only negative is that you can't light your pumpkin if you don't carve it.

 I also love the idea of dressing up pumpkins. Hats, bow ties, funny glasses and noses, fake mustaches are all great ways to give your pumpkin a personality of its own. The pirate pumpkin and the mummy pumpkin are adorable. I don't know if everyone has an extra hat or wig laying around, but you can buy "disguises" at craft stores and they would look very good on your pumpkin.

Masks are great ideas. You can make a mask from cardboard and paint it black like these at

The pumpkins above are made from resin with stick-on eggs and rickrack mouths. Find the how-tos at
These whimsical pumpkins, above, are both carved and decorated with adorable eyes and even pointy teeth. These strange creatures are so cute.
Here's a great pumpkin design from Looks like they use small electric lights to illuminate their pumpkins rather than candles. Good idea, especially for little ones.
These pumpkins with false teeth are still my favorite. The people at came up with this great idea. found these pumpkins simply made from blocks of wood and decorated with ribbon. It looks like they glued a stick to the top.

Aw-w-w-ah. These are so cute! See how to make them at

 Tissue paper and pipe cleaners make adorable pumpkns! I love this idea.

 Another great idea--a perfect container and centerpiece from
Popcorn, candy corn and rice puffs with green string candy for the stem. A great idea from


  1. What a wonderful post today - such great ideas!
    So glad I came across it, I love Halloween,

  2. Love the pumpkin dip container, the tissue pumpkins, the candy corn ... lots of fun stuff here!