Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wishing for rain

Last night my Mother said she would love for it to be sunny today because she really wants her deck painted. I told her that while I really wanted her deck painted, too, I was hoping it would rain on our fall garden. We both agreed that one of us would get our wish and the other would just have to wait.

This morning we woke up to a brilliant, sunny sky -- the perfect October day. I am guessing the rain that was supposed to come up from the gulf either dissipated or is taking a bit longer than I had hoped to arrive. Looks like my Mother got her wish and I hope her deck looks really good. Then I hope it rains.

Our broccoli in the above photo looks quite healthy and our Brussels sprouts are growing, though rather slowly. We planted both the broccoli and Brussels sprouts now for spring harvest so we just need to keep them growing until then. They are but we do need a nice steady October rain.

Another shot of the broccoli. Does it look a little wilty to you?

Above is our Bok Choy, aka Pak choi. It is really a wonderful plant and grows almost as fast as the nut grass in our garden. Could use rain, though it looks great.

The collards are on schedule for our Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's meals, especially if we get rain.

 They also look a little limp but the cooler days are helping.

This is turnip greens, mustard greens, rutabagas and at the end, no shown is the spinach we planted but my husband accidentally plowed under. I am not sure if we will have spinach for fall. I am not sure even rain would help the spinach.

Another view of the greens and broccoli. I just love the greens row.

This is kale. It is doing well for not having enough rain.

Last is the lettuce. You can't count out the lettuce. Sometimes it grows slowly at first. Lettuce, after all likes cooler weather and we haven't had too much of that -- or rain! Maybe I will soon get my wish.


  1. Hello Deberah, love your post today! We got some rain in northern Coweta County this afternoon, around 3 pm Hope you got some rain for your garden - I love your photos! I always like to hear about your garden, it's inspiring, Joanie

  2. Well, I am reading this a bit late but it is raining tonight, so you are probably happy!