Thursday, June 14, 2012

Garden surprise

Yesterday afternoon, as my sis and I were covering our beans with diotomaceous earth, she made a discovery. I had almost forgotten that I planted some yellow beets from a pack of Rene's Garden seeds way back in the early spring.

She was trying to get some of the weeds out of our onions when she pulled up a very large orange root and exclaimed, "What is this?" She said it looked kind of like a very large radish and I remembered the yellow beets I had planted.

Actually, I had given up on some of our early spring items. We were plagued with an early spring mini-drought with unseasonably hot weather. I just thought they didn't come up and since they were near the kale which looked similar, I just thought we didn't have any beets and it was kale. Our red beets certainly didn't come up. I just assumed we didn't have any beets at all.

My sister said they sure looked orange to her and she is right. Yellow beets are a bit more orange on the outside than on the inside and I must say, all the beets we have grown so far have been very good, very sweet and tasty.

I think this was a very nice surprise. Just when we thought we wouldn't have any beets, here they are. When our beets actually come up they require no hard work. How do yellow beets taste in comparison to red ones? I will let you know.

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  1. What a nice surprise! Can't wait to hear how they taste, Joanie