Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My strawbale squash -- finally looking good

I have given a number of updates about my squash grown in straw bales and I have some photos I am very excited to show today. My squash (in straw bales) really looks great right now. I have six plants that are looking very good. The yellow crookneck squash above are quite healthy-looking. I have already harvested around 5 squash. I think the hot, hot weather has slowed them a bit.

My zucchini was a bit harder to get started and it is a bit behind the crookneck and they look quite good. The windy weather is blowing them around this morning but I notice that I had a number of honey bees swarming around making sure they were pollinated.

This is a view with my squash on each end and my new Green Zebra tomatoes presented to me last night by my friend Angela. She grew them from seed and I hope to baby them in the middle of my strawbales. I was so happy that I finally had something good to share!


  1. They look so healthy, Deberah - Congratulations!
    And just think how delicious they will taste at harvest. I'm very happy for you, Joanie

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