Monday, June 11, 2012

Saving seeds

Last week my sister decided it was time to cut down the Bok Choy and save the seeds for our fall planting. She is very good at this. She has a knack for gathering seeds at just the right time, tying them with string and letting them dry while upside down.

You can see how dry some of the seed pods are. I love Bok Choy for this reason. You can save the seeds and they will grow a beautiful new crop. It's nature's way of giving back.

My sis knows just the right time to gather them, too. The timing needs to be right. It must be just before the pods get so ripe that they spill open and pour their seeds to the ground.

The next step will be to allow them to fully dry. She will then pick off the pods and open them into a plastic bag we will store in a save and dry spot until we plant our winter crop.

Bok Choy--one plant on my list for which I don't have to buy seeds. That is what I love about heirloom seeds. You get more for your money because you can save the seeds. Isn't that wonderful?

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