Monday, June 4, 2012

Straw Bale Squash Update

Here's another look at my bales as I continue to try and grow organic squash in straw bales in my yard--actually in the middle of my ivy bed. Above are the three yellow squash I posted about earlier--still growing and doing well.

And above are my three new zucchini squash growing on the other side of my bales. I was beginning to wonder if they would come up and grow but they are now looking quite good. As you can see, the center of my bales looks quite empty. I am planning to put a tomato plant there for mid-season tomatoes. Also, maybe some herbs.

 The yellow squash is blooming and I have a very little baby squash to show off.

Beside the bales I was very surprised to find a squash growing there--in the ground, in the middle of my ivy. I either dropped it and it came up or it was washed from the bales. I suppose a bird could have dropped it, after scavenging the bales. I think I will see how it compares in growth to the straw bale squash.

I am very grateful to have each of my little squash. So far, squash pests have not found these squash. I will be monitoring my squash very closely. I am very happy that I finally was able to successfully start the seeds in the bales. I was afraid I was going to have a total failure. I have heard reports that others who try to grow organically on bales have a bit of a struggle in getting seeds to start there. They tend to have more success by starting the seeds elsewhere and transplanting them into the bales.

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  1. you have got it going on!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think you will be pleasantly surprised.