Thursday, May 31, 2012

I've heard before that there was a natural phenomenon called "the catchup factor" in nature that causes growing things to catchup when they are behind in growth at a remarkable rate. That seems exactly what is happening with our garden this year. One day things were not looking so good and almost overnight things seemed to almost explode with new growth. It is really amazing. The recent rain really made a difference.

We now have patty pan squash almost ready to pick.

Actually they could be picked right now to broil or saute. I wonder how they would do if grilled?

Our Ronde de Nice looks good.

And we even have zukes!

The herbs we planting in between things like tomatoes are doing well.

 And we will soon have cucumbers!

I mean plenty of them!

These cherry tomatoes are beginning to turn.

And I even have a very bad photo of our regular sized tomatoes. These are a bush variety.

We are letting our Bok Choi go to seed. We didn't have a very good crop this year but we will plant them again in the fall using the seed we save from these. Meanwhile, the bees will have some extra pollen.

Our okra is growing nicely. The regular potatoes that we have are doing well. Pictured here are two plants and we have lettuce to the right of the okra.

And here are my husbands watermelon plants. He has been watering them by hand and adding organic Miracle Grow.

This is the giant variety. The vine is small but that may be because the watermelon will be so large. I don't really know.

And our Rattlesnake beans are growing wild and crazy.

This is our first year to try these and they are growing in masses. They are supposed to be drought tolerant and have a long growing season.

After I took the photos we added some Diatomaceous earth. We were seeing some insect damage but we wanted to stop them before they do too much damage.

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