Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Christy's cute message boards

Yesterday my friend and co-worker, Christy Hill said she had something I just had to see and she emailed these photos to me. It seems that over the weekend she had seen a message board at a gift shop that she decided she just had to replicate.

Christy is very modest about her crafting and gardening, but she has done some really remarkable things lately (maybe all along but I just found out about Christy's "crafty" side, and I just love her ideas). She has made things like headboards from pallets and she inspires me by rooting shrubs from friends to add to her growing gardens.

This idea is a particularly good one because it is simple, useful and very pretty.

She just took a frame, backed the photo insert with a pretty fabric, cut wire to fit the frame, painted the frame a nice color and then painted some clothes pins to hold the notes. Voila! You have a perfect message board!

This could make a great board for messages, photos, things you want to keep up with, recipes and just about anything. It is perfect to send with college kids so they can keep up to date with schedules and appointments.

I am definitely going to make one for myself to go in my kitchen to remind me of all the things I need to remember, especially parties, showers and weddings. I am always rummaging through my cubbyhole to make sure I don't forget a date. If I had a board like this I wouldn't have a problem because it would be at my fingertips and I hopefully I wouldn't forget. It would be in plain sight and I would look at it all the time. This would make a great gift, too!

Thank you Christy! This is a wonderful idea and I hope my message board looks as good as yours!

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  1. What a neat idea - I just love it! Thanks for sharing it with us, this would come in so handy.