Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My squash this week

 It has taken several days but I finally got up the courage to uncover my garden squash. I am hoping they are  now large enough and have the strength to fight off the usual vine borer attack. We are also working hard to keep BT sprayed on the leaves and stems.

I tried taking a paint brush, dipping it into each blossom and swirling it around but that wasn't working very well. I thought it was time to let the bees do their magic and pollinate them. We did have some small squashes on a few vines but I really think the vines needed the sun and more air.

At some point I knew I would have to uncover them. I am happy that they do look really good and I have protected them through this part of their growth life. I just hope the "adult phase" will be as good--or better.

It has been several years since we planted them in this same space. Maybe they will like life in the last row from the fence. We noticed that as soon as we took the cover off a honeybee flew up to pollinate a squash bloom. It was a good start.

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