Thursday, May 24, 2012

Garden Update

When I look at my garden this week, I just can't get over how much better it look. I was beginning to worry about six weeks ago because it was way to hot and we were having a bit of a drought. Now we have green beans that are almost at the top of the poles.

We decided to try rattlesnake beans this year rather than our usual Kentucky Wonders. We may be sorry but I like the looks of the pink blossoms.

We have some nice red cabbages that are a bit more green than red. I don't know why.

And we already have peppers. This is a chili. I am ready for some great Mexican home-cooked meals. I also have a number of cilantro plants.

The squash I am guardedly optimistic about. It looks good but I know we have to really watch it to protect it from pests.

So far the pests are quite as bad as I expected. Of course we are now in our fourth year of organic growing and trying to encourage beneficial plants and insects. At some point the beneficials could help but we will have to monitor very carefully.

We do have wild blackberries this year. I am very excited to have them. I know I have to fight the birds for them but I hope I can get my share.

My husband surprised me a couple of days ago with fresh lettuce and spinach from the garden.

And we are now on the third picking of Oregon pea pods. They are yummy--so sweet that I can't help but pick them and eat them straight off the vine.

My husband also brought home some squash.

We cooked them and ate them the same afternoon. Right out of the garden. That is the way to eat vegetables.


  1. Absolutely Beautiful!!!! We must take a garden tour for our next garden club trip....I AM NOT KIDDING!!! we can all learn so much from you.

  2. Great article today, Deberah - your garden looks Fantastic! You have provided much inspiration and you're right about the 'fresh-from-the-garden' vegetables - that is the best way to eat vegetables! Have a great weekend, Joanie