Thursday, May 3, 2012

An idea for Mother's Day

I know my mother and my mother-in-law may get tired of the present I give them almost every year, but I usually make them a mixed pot of summer plants. The one above which is actually my daughter's plant is what I will try to put together for gifts next weekend.

I always like to add a tall tall plant for the middle, a plant with colored foliage, some kind of vine and a flower like the petunias above. It doesn't cost nearly as much to put your own mixed planting together since most of the plants can be purchased for under a dollar. You may also include fragrant herbs like lavender, basil or mint.

It is a good thing to buy potting soil that also has some kind of fertilizer in it already. Miracle Grow and Jungle Growth are both good brand names. Both can be organic, too. I don't mix it with anything, just plain. The plants love it.

The pot doesn't have to be fancy either. I have been known to pick up an oval-shaped tin bucket and put individual pots of flowers in the bucket. It is better to have a pot with drainage holes. Keep in mind whether the plant should be kept indoors or outdoors. The petunias above will need some sunshine. It is probably not a good idea to mix full-sun and full-shade plants together unless you know something about flowers that I don't know.

Some places to look for pots--discount stores, second hand stores and yard sales. I have purchased some of my favorite pots for a dollar each at a yard sale.

Keep the plant well-watered but don't water right before you give it away. In your card or on a separate paper you could write care instructions. I am sure that would be appreciated.

The main thing is that you don't forget Mother's Day. Moms are special and deserve to be treated that way.


  1. Great idea!!! Just wished my Mom leaved close enough to do this for her. It is also a great idea for gifts for good friends. Thanks for the suggestions. charlotte

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  3. What a great idea - I love the colors of the blossoms, beautiful! Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mom,