Monday, May 21, 2012

My first terrarium

The other day my grandson and I made a terrarium. We made it from left over plants we used in a previous project and so far it looks pretty good. It looks good after almost a week and I haven't done a thing to it other than moving it from place to place. Right now it is in my kitchen which is the worst place in my house to grow and nurture flowers. It may be the only kind of plant that will grow there--at least I hope so.

It WAS a very easy project. This one is made from a large glass jar, pebbles, potting soil, plants (leftovers), rocks, moss (from my mom's yard) and a small wild violet from my yard.

The idea to make one was from my friend Charlotte who makes beautiful terrariums and sells them at the old Fairgrounds in Newnan on Market Days. Hers are exceptionally beautiful. She told me that "anyone could make a terrarium." Because of this I decided to give it a try.

A terrarium is supposed to be a little enclosed ecosystem of living plants (and sometimes animals). It should be self-supporting and shouldn't need any care at all. I will have to see it this is true but if it works like I think it will, it should be practically care-free.

You also can grow a terrarium in almost any glass container, from a mason jar to an old unused aquarium. I like what I have done so far and I want to say thanks to Charlotte for turning me on to this easy project.


  1. i can see a tiny little fairie waving at me from underneath the wild violet...see her, oops, too late, she flew back under to hide. what a beautiful container you two created!!!

  2. Love the plants you chose for your terrarium! Fun! (And yes, weren't Charlotte's gorgeous! Is there anything she doesn't do well?)

  3. Oh, that is so lovely, so creative. I think it is neat that you get to spend time with your grandson. As he gets older, many schools now have Environmental Clubs and he will be all set to go. Thanks for sharing, Deberah. I enjoy your blog very much, Joanie