Thursday, November 15, 2012

Decorating with "Turkey Day" Cupcakes

Here is an idea from a couple of years ago but still one everyone loves for Thanksgiving.

Make the cupcakes any flavor you like--a mix works fine. The decorating is the most important part of making turkey cupcakes. I used a butter cream frosting. Tint the frosting using brown food coloring.

The turkey is simple to make. Use a large icing bag--at least 16 inches and a large tip coupler with a large star tip. Make large stars all over the tops of the cupcakes.

To make the head, nose and wings. Use two or three small (or mini) vanilla wafers and trim each wafer with kitchen shears until it is the perfect oval shape. The head is one wafer and the wings are each a half-wafer. You can save the "shavings" (which is what you will have) when you trim the cookies into the perfect shape for other recipes.

The nose is a candy corn. I placed the large end of the candy corn underneath the edge of the head.

The wattle is a piece of strawberry fruit roll-up, carefully cut with kitchen shears, or a sharp knife into a large teardrop shape. It was gently laid over the "beak" and part of the face.

The eye can be drawn with a food coloring maker, or use a mini chocolate chip "pasted" on with a tiny bit of frosting.

Add two rows of candy corn in the icing for the tail feathers. Use five in the back row and then alternate with four pieces of candy corn on top.

If you don't want to make a turkey there are plenty of ways to decorate cupcakes for the season. How about tiny leaves and pumpkins on top.

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