Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gluten-free mushroom soup from Progresso

I was in the grocery store buying my favorite canned soup (Progresso lentil) when I discovered something that really surprised me. Progresso has a mushroom soup that is gluten free. I thought it was really exciting news for celiacs and those on gluten-free diets. I haven't tried it yet, but I did buy a couple of cans and plan on trying it (though I am not a lover of most canned soups).

The ingredient used to thicken this mushroom soup is corn starch. It takes a bit less corn starch than flour to thicken something so I am assuming it is not a bad thing for it to include that ingredient since some are sensitive to corn products.

But in the middle of my excitement I did notice a couple of things that dampened my enthusiasm and made me really think it was good for some people--but not so much for others.

The label warns that even though it is gluten free, it does contain milk, egg and soy products. I also noticed that it contains yeast--also a problem ingredient for some people. It has a whopping thirty-seven ingredients, many of which are milk and soy by-products.

If you compare the Campbell's, it only has 18 ingredients including mushrooms  but also milk, soy and yeast but it doesn't appear to contain eggs.

I do think it is very good for anyone on a gluten-free-only diet since they can have green bean casserole, definitely an American favorite. However, for those on a more restricted diet, soups and soup starters are still a big problem.

Just a reminder--Progresso soups are not condensed, so don't add water.

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