Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Heirloom Gardener--a favorite magazine

If you are familiar with Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, the company that has done so much to make the heirloom seed movement a success, has a great new magazine that gets keeps getting better in every issue.

You might have seen their beautiful Baker Creek catalog that is filled with pretty photos and tells the story of Jere Gettle who planted his first garden at age 3 and printed his first seed catalog at 17. His company has grown until he now lists 1,300 plants and you can request his catalog by visiting his website

He and his attractive family now offer the magazine, pictured above that is filled with great gardening advice, recipes, rare seed info, gardener profiles and more. It just gets better with each issue and I can't wait to get through this one because it is packed with useful information.

I can't wait to see the tips for growing early tomatoes and for re-evaluating my vegetable gardening. This is a must read and would make a good gift for any vegetable gardener.

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  1. Thanks for your kind review! We are always open to suggestions too and anything you'd like to see in future issues.

    ~Karen Keb
    Editor, Heirloom Gardener