Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Fun

I really enjoyed myself in downtown Newnan this morning. I was there taking photos of cute--mostly preschool-aged kids in Halloween costumes. They were busy getting an early start on Halloween by collecting tons of candy. It was basically pandemonium and very sweet at the same time. The store owners do this every year and I the kids are as cute as they can be.

I was a bit surprised when I passed Ken's Bargain Basement and saw Amy Casey giving out cute little books. It wasn't surprising that Amy was giving out books, the surprise was that the kids were so happy to receive them. The kids kept saying, "Look Mommy, a book!"

These cute kids, marching in a line were from a local Christian church. They were all dressed up as Bible characters--a great idea.

This stylish lady standing in front of Scott's Bookstore was very nice to pose for me. Her name is Marley. I'm talking about the dog, not the woman whose name is Susan Perkins. Marley is a therapy dog and was minding her manners like a perfect lady.

I loved seeing the moms dressed up like the kids--very sweet. I love Muppets.

And you also have to love seeing a man dressed up in a suit and tie for work, who's willing to get down on the level of little kids. That is sweet, too.

I will say that it was unseasonably cold and those in the shade were not as lucky as those in the sunshine, even the witches and goblins, and there were a few.

When I go home tonight, I will have the perfect Halloween meal--hot warm vegetable beef soup. Hot, low in calories and appropriately orange.

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  1. What great photos! I remember bringing my son downtown for trick-or-treating, when he was little. Your photos bring all the fun memories back...and the vegetable soup sounds delicious!