Thursday, October 11, 2012

Green Zebras

I have zebras in my yard. Green zebra tomatoes, that is. We grew some last year in our garden but this year, my friend Angela gave me some plants and they are still going strong in the straw bales--in the middle of my sea of ivy which is the only place that gets sun in my front yard.

During the spring planting season, I always plan to grow a few tomatoes in my yard and I never have followed through, until this year. I can tell you that it is so nice to realize you need a tomato and just go outside and pick a fresh one that is waiting for you right outside your door.

I love the fact that I am still getting blooms.

I also must admit that I really, really love these green zebras. They have such a pleasant flavor. Tomatoe-y but kind of mild rather than tart. I can't explain it but you just need to try them. They are small but one tomato is enough for a sandwich or small salad.

When I slice them I just love the flavor and I do believe that the organic ones like these taste much better than others grown with chemicals. I guess some of the goodness and flavor is owing to the fact that when you pick it and eat it within minutes, the full flavor is just there.

The one in the middle of the photo above was attacked by a hornworm. I went out one day and picked off eight hornworms and since then I haven't seen any. Lucky for me I checked that day. They are hard to spot. I wouldn't have had a plant left if I hadn't gotten them at that time.

As I slice the tomato, I take out the seeds and dry them. I want to replicate this delicious goodness next year. I hope planted right outside my door.

My dad would always plant a late tomato crop because he loved having tomatoes till frost. After this year, having tomatoes this late I now know what a great idea that was and is.

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