Friday, October 5, 2012

My last year's resolution

Last year, I made a resolution to start painting again and finally, I have made a start. It is not my best effort but I really enjoyed it. It is sad that it only took 20 months to get started on one of last year's resolutions.

It was a goal that had been sitting in mothballs and occasionally I would think about dusting it off and getting out the paints and the canvas. I had the desire, just not a burning passion.

Then my daughter asked if I would please do a painting for her living room. She even gave me a photo of what she wanted, taken from a photo she took of a painting she liked while shopping. I guess that and the reminder that I had promised made me think I really needed to finally do it. It was a good time to fulfill promises to her and to myself.

I don't think it is as good as it could be if I had more practice, but it is OK for a first effort. I had never painting a canvas this large--36"x48" and it was kind of nice to have all that room.

If I was a really good artist I would have made a drawing and practiced on a smaller canvas and finally moved to the big one, because by that time I would know exactly what I wanted.

For now, this is good enough. To fulfill my resolution, I must keep it up so now I need to pick out my next subject. I think sticking with flowers is probably a good idea for now and I will post them online. I am hoping this will give me (and anyone who is stuck like I was) some encouragement to continue.


  1. Beautiful artwork! I love your blog - it is so interesting and inspiring. Thanks for sharing, Joanie

  2. I think your painting is beautiful, and look forward to seeing more of them!