Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My new IKEA tray


Not long ago my tray that had used for more years than I care to admit, just fell apart. It was made of wood and some kind of white board and was very sturdy until it practically disintegrated. I am just glad I didn't have a teapot on it at the time. I often use it to carry my teapot and teacup into the living room so that I can pour a second cup of tea while watching TV at night.

A few days later I was at IKEA when I noticed they had this very nice, white, oval metal tray and it was only $9.99! I bought it immediately and I must say it is perfect for what I need. Perfect size, perfect shape, perfect price!

I do really like IKEA but I don't get to the store very often. I love the style (though I will admit I don't decorate in IKEA style very often) and I certainly love the prices. I enjoy receiving their catalog and I just have one little problem.

Maybe I am crazy but I am dismayed by the names on their products. This tray was named ROMANTISK. I do understand the company had its first store in Sweden and the business is run from the Netherlands but I find there is a disconnect when I pick up a tray labeled BÄRBAR, a duvet cover called BJÖRNLOKA or a round pink rug called a VÄNNERNA RUND.
The truth is, I become a little disoriented when I shop there and I have to stop and think--did I just wake up in Sweden? or perhaps Denmark?

They do have a great store with great ideas. You can get a meal there with family friendly prices (I can even run a ribbon through the slots on the sides to make it really festive) and I always find something that is a great price. All my confusion is worth it because I really love my tray. It may get dings and scratches but I don't think it will ever fall apart.

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  1. Love this tray and what a great price. I enjoy IKEA but we don't get over there too much, so thanks for sharing your trip with us! Joanie