Monday, October 1, 2012

More about Boxwoods

Boxwoods is a very lovely store that would be one of my favorite places to shop--if I had the money. It is in the Buckhead area of Atlanta and was bustling with trendy people and filled to the brim with beauty. Beautiful antiques, beautiful furniture, beautiful decorative items, beautiful dishes and above all, beautiful flowers. Above is the view to the entrance of their greenhouse.

I thought this "bucket garden" was just wonderfully done.

They had people filling flower orders and I took some photos of their potted offerings. They are lush, beautifully done and I am sure if you received a gift from Boxwoods, you would be very pleased. I didn't see anything that wasn't beautifully crafted.

See what I mean?

Even cute bears and bunnies covered with moss and ivy.

These lilies were in perfect fall garb.

And these hydrangeas looked like they had been groomed for the season. Beautiful!

Their outdoor garden was, of course, perfect!

There was a hall lined with beautiful orchids. No photo could have done them justice.

And an ornamental oregano plant that was so fragrant and beautiful--but not one to use in an Italian dish. This one wasn't edible.

But it looked a little like a succulent to me.

Lovely pots everywhere. I was too much in awe of many of the display rooms to even take photos. The antiques were gorgeous. They had clothes and books and so much more. I know I sound like an ad, but the price tags were not as gorgeous as the items for sale. Some of the plants were more reasonable and it would be a place I would go often to shop, if I had the money.

I will have to settle for shopping for ideas and I rarely have seen a place more suitable for that occupation.

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  1. Gorgeous photos, Deberah - what a beautiful store! And those orchids, wow! Thanks for posting this story, it made my day! Joanie