Thursday, October 4, 2012

Burlap and decorating

One of the photos I took during my visit to Boxwoods in the Buckhead section of Atlanta last week was this table setting that uses burlap, of all things.

I have been just amazed at the ways designers have used burlap in their creations. In my mind burlap should be used to make feed sacks and sometimes bulletin boards or to wrap the roots of a big tree. I can remember it being used to soften the edges of clay and pottery objects and to give cement a better appearance by rubbing it before it was fully dry with this scratchy fabric. It was a rough material that was good for those kinds of things.

Never did I expect it to be used in high-end decorating design. I must admit it does give things an organic feel and is perfect for decorating at this time of year.

Last week I also saw couches and pillows upholstered in burlap. I don't know about that (it is kind of rough and scratchy) but I do think I would love to use it in some of my fall decorating.

A table runner made of burlap is a marvelous idea. It is easy to make. Cut it, fray it and you have a valuable table adornment. I love it.

It is time to go to Hobby Lobby and use my 40 percent coupon on this fabric for a tablecloth or runner of some kind. I am glad for this idea since I think it will work well for a Thanksgiving table. I won't worry about spills and such. If I have to line a basket or wrap up a bouquet. I am glad that people are so creative. I would never have thought of using burlap in this way.

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  1. What a beautiful table setting! I love to see different uses for items that you would never think to mix & match. Very neat. Thanks for sharing, Joanie