Monday, October 15, 2012

My box of stuff

 i stopped by a yard sale during the weekend and as I looked around I noticed a box that was filled with handmade items. As I skimmed through the box I mentioned to the homeowner that these things inside were lovely.  Most of the items were hand-embroidered or crocheted or both.

The man said that he would sell me the entire box for $5 if I really liked it. I asked him who did all the pretty embroidery and crochet and he credited his mother and aunt. I immediately said yes because I knew the items were pretty and unique. I decided they would make a nice investment because even though I didn't have a use for the mostly dresser scarves, I could work them into pillows or other projects. Some are pretty enough to frame and hang on the wall.

What was in the box? I was astounded when I got my treasure home and started looking through the goodies. There were more embroidered pieces than I could imagine--embroidered handkerchiefs, dresser scarves, bread basket covers, a nice tablecloth and more. There were quite a number of neck scarves, and doilies. I found two thin flannel blankets in perfect shape, a sweatsuit, a new sweater vest, a drop cord, a box of brand new nylons, new socks.

All in all it was much more than I was expecting and I was very pleased. There were some items I won't be able to use and quite a few embroidered items that I will have to come up with a use for but I was very pleased with my purchase.

The needlework was beautiful and there are pieces like the one above. That one would take me a year to complete!

There was a pile of handkerchiefs. Some hand hand-embroidered lace edging. A couple had monograms and one even had a tatted edging.

I was intrigued by these handkerchiefs that look like silk with Mother embroidered above a US Army eagle and USA beneath it. I have never seen anything like it. They are selling some like this on eBay. I think they are beautiful and I think they would be touching for an army mom to own, even if they are vintage.

I also love the delicate cross stitched handkerchief with the pink dotted edging. I think I will give it to my granddaughter. I'll bet she's never seen a handkerchief before.

 I don't think I would buy a boxful of items every day but each time I have done it, I have been quite pleased. Once I bought a large box of canning jars. That was a great purchase.

Linens are not something that many people buy and I think it is because many don't want to fool with washing the linens and another reason is probably because they are a bit old-fashioned. I think that even though this may be true there are ways these items can be used as they are.

I know that I will be lining baskets with some of the dresser scarves. I also will be using some of the items as backgrounds for photos.

I may be crazy, but I really love my box of goodies and though I rarely buy something like this, I feel like I really got my money's worth. 


  1. i love yard sales and you certainly found a treasure in that little box. charlotte

  2. Great treasures! I love hand made items and it's nice to see that they will be put to good use and appreciated. Joanie