Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Ideas

Again I am looking for new ideas on the Internet to keep kids--namely my grandchildren--happy and busy. Busy kids really don't get into things and they are so proud of themselves when they make something. It really doesn't take much to satisfy them, so I will begin with what we have done so far this year.

The first thing we did was a variation of the spiders in the photo above at goodhousekeepking.com and the one at the top from allyou.com. They are easy and very quick. I didn't do the spider candle holder and I used white pumpkins.

Really, I don't know how you carve out a hole for the candle in the small pumpkin/gourds. They are so hard. I needed a very sharp object to get a hole started but it was very easy to finish. Pipe cleaners are the best. We used a black sharpie and drew on the eyes and mouth. Very easy.

After seeing these cute ghosts above, I bought some small pretzel bags at Walmart in the cake decorating section, drew a cute "ghost face" on the bag and filled it with miniature marshmallows. Great treat, super easy and I give credit to thegainesgang4.blogspot.com for this really cute idea. Ours looked just like the ones above!
I loved the downloadable above from ekaterinatrukhan.blogspot.co.uk--a great way to top a cupcake.

My pumpkin at home is "au naturel" but that doesn't mean I don't love the painted and decorated ones above.

The truffles above are kind of like little ghosts and "tribbles" from the original Star Trek, thanks to the coconut and white chocolate candy coatings. I made some Oreo truffles recently but here is a website that tells you how to make the cutest truffles and coated cake balls--bakerella.com.

From MarthaStewart.com comes this new recipe for mint chocolate brownies. I thought I had seen about everything with brownies but this is a new twist--I love--very cute!

This is one of my favorite Halloween recipes. I love it and candy corn. Find it at glorioustreats.blogspot.com.

We made these treat from family.go.com last year but used sunflower butter. They were very tasty and fun. I just may use them again for the little ones.

I really, really love the pumpkin man above. Snowmen are cute, why not extend that to pumpkins? There must be "a little magic" in either the hat or broom and he will last longer than a snowman. I found this at junkcamp.blogspot.com.

I have been thinking about a wreath for my front door. I might not get to it until Thanksgiving but these Halloween wreaths were great. Most of what I found was a little creepy and I am not into creepy but the rolled felt "roses" glued to a grapevine wreath at livinglocurto.com would look great on my door. I may even be able to adapt it to just a fall celebration wreath. I really do like it.

This wreath made from rags at etsy.com is lovely.

Same idea but different colors--I found this wreath at tarahebison.logspot.com.

I love the simplicity of this yarn wreath with the bat flying around the moon. It is also at etsy.com.

I hope I have given you as many ideas as these photos have inspired in me.

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  1. Great ideas - I love Halloween! Thanks for sharing, Joanie